Data & Cyber-Security

2D and 3D Motion, Animation

Palo Alto Networks

Anticipating the addition of billions of new iOT connections, Palo Alto Networks has released the first 5G ready firewall, the K2, designed to protect infrastructure carrying traffic from CIoT to NB-IoT. 10 years after the launch of 4G, security threats are vastly more exponential.


A 2d motion piece highlighting the launch of Blackcloak, a company specializing in cyber security options for high net worth individuals. Utilizing stock imagery, Graffects designed, animated and composited all the elements in the piece, in parallel with the product launch, to ensure a technical, yet concise message was delivered to the desired audience.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

2d motion piece highlighting the new HPE Container Platform, which is a Kubernetes-based software solution that brings the agility & efficiency benefits of containers to a wide range of enterprise applications – running on bare-metal or virtualized infrastructure, on any public cloud, and at the edge.


A very detailed spec piece, which mimics an existing piece in tone, animation and type. It’s a proof of concept piece, for a potential client, utilizing existing assets and well chosen stock footage. 

Western Digital

A heart warming Seasonal Greeting produced for Jones Digital Media and Western Digital, this is a story about “Data’s” and his journey to realize his full potential to thrive. He wanders through the streets alone, lost and without purpose when he comes across a beacon of light down an alley. A place where Data, like him, fulfill their potential. 

Palo Alto Networks

3d character driven pieces, based on an existing print campaign, emphasizing the advantage of moving your workloads to a secure cloud service platform with built in infrastructure and technology.

We shot the live action in Los Angeles, in a single day and developed the animated characters in-house, complete with motion passes and texture models, before finally compositing and sound designing all pieces.