Intelligent Home Gym

Collaborating with

our partners at

Color A Go-Go,

who did a

wonderful job of

grading this well

produced footage,

we tracked, painted,

rotoscoped and

composited new

video into all the

touch screen displays.

Tracking, paint & roto



VFX, Roto, Tracking, Composite

Color A Go-Go:

Color Grading

October 9th, 2019

Collaborating with Tonal on the launch of their new brand campaign, including a new website, fonts, color palette and photography, Graffects and Color A Go-Go helped lock in the live action visual branding, assuring an across the board continuity.

Previsualizations – Working with raw footage at 4k, we utilized a combination of AE, Mocha and Maya for tracking, roto, paint and composite.