Comparative work


Over the last 5 years, we have had the great experience of working with companies in the healthcare field. Below are examples of  some of that work and unrelated work, that speaks to styles and capabilities we can offer, for Snow Companies’ future projects.


We’d enjoy an opportunity to collaborate with you.


Kaiser Permanente
2d Motion
Similar imagery to some of the look of the CART T cell therapy pdf.
Utilizing stock imagery, type and infographic iconography, this informative piece lived on a landing page for Kaiser Permanente’s Senior Advantage. It’s a step by step guide to enrollment.
We utilized parallaxing, to give the piece more depth, by separating foreground and background elements.
Inter Valley Health
2d Motion
This piece is filled with very simple, understandable animated type and graphics. The live action was given to us, and we added everything else.
Kaiser Permanente National Campaign
Live Action – 2d Motion
Mostly a type-driven piece. Clean and simple with direct messaging. It’s a sort of “see and say.”
This was a 2 day shoot in Encino, CA.
14 versions of the script were shot, and over 300 versions were delivered to 9 markets across the country. This campaign ran for 3 years, with yearly revisions to vital info, based on AEP and SEP enrollment options.
Virginia Premier
2d Motion – Stock Footage
This is mostly a lifestyle piece. It’s evocative and informational, without any animated charts or graphics.
Utilizing stock footage chosen by the client, we created a series of animated triangles based on the logo elements, that we overlaid throughout the piece for branding.
We also animated the logo, edited the entire piece and color corrected as well.

Non Healthcare – Stylistic Examples

Infographic – Explainer
2d Motion
Heavily animated type and iconography over stock footage
This piece could be a solid template for a very informational CAR T cell therapy piece. It also has some of the design characteristics of what Yescarta is doing.
Many times detailed information can be a little boring. This piece is a spec piece we did, based on an existing piece, by another company, showing how to make vital information much more interesting, via sophisticated motion, coupled with well-designed iconography.
Infographic – Explainer
2d Motion
Similar to the Jason Carter CAR T cell therapy piece.
Fun and energetic excerpts from various 2d pieces we’ve created over the last few years.
Infographic – Explainer
While this piece is entirely about technology and cellular networks, it very much as the feel of a medical video. The “webbed” network floating in the background combined with the wire-framed cell network representations, could easily be translated into cells and therapies.
Organic Imagery
This piece is comparative in nature to what KYMRIAH has done in their Mechanism of Action video and the ColdFusion Car-T Cells video. We created all of the lava, rocks, molten liquid and environments for this piece. Similarly, we have the ability to build complex cell animations.