Palo Alto Networks

Cloud Security

In these fun pieces for Palo Alto Networks, the message is that moving workloads to their cloud services, can be easier and more beneficial, by using their infrastructure platform and workload technologies.


Graffects:  VFX, Model Builds, Motion Design, Composite   Client:   Palo Alto Networks   Production Company:  GB Films  Director:  Andy Hill

Original concept images presented by client.


Final motion pieces built from the ground-up, to match print concept pieces created by client.

Combining live action and CG characters was a wonderful challenge for us, but one we really enjoyed. Bringing static images to life, while keeping the pieces on brand, and still able to hit their static “hero pose” while in motion, was paramount to the message. Using standard character model assets, with modifications where needed, our team put the rigging and animation center stage with these pieces, to give the characters depth and personality.

Shot at Ben Kitay studios in Hollywood, we were able to complete all the wire work on green screen, in a single day. A talented crew, that had previously worked on the movie Interstellar, was paramount to achieving the look and effects needed, in that time period.