G402 Hyperion Fury

Highlighting, the

capabilities of the

Fusion Engine

technology in the

G402, we created

a fantastical world

inside of the G402

Hyperion Fury.


The Graffects team

created & built the

mouse model,

stylized cityscape 

and test lab sequences,

taking the viewer on

a fun ride, inside. 


Gold & Addy Award Winner – Silicon Valley Addy Awards

:60 Final Piece

Graffects: Creative Direction, CG model builds/VFX, composite

Producer: Dave Berg


The typical mouse sensor technology uses an infrared LED that illuminates the surface while a small camera takes thousands of pictures of the surface every second. An onboard processor compares the images and determines which direction and at what speed the mouse is moving, and sends that information to the PC. G402 incorporates a three-pronged approach, taking a gaming sensor and adding a gyroscope and accelerometer to the existing LED/camera combo. Together, the gyroscope and accelerometer are able to track the gamers movement up to a massive 420 IPS.

:30 Teaser

In creating the teaser for the mouse, as the environments were under development, a few of the considerations were to highlight speed, via metaphorical use of the mouse as a race car speeding into and out of the scene and also to make sure that same core message could be communicated without any sound. 

Early Environment Concepts

Scene 1. Fade up to the inside of a high tech, present-day test lab, complete with a holographic video screen displaying test analytics, strategic markings on the floor and the Protoss mouse a the center. An impending sense of a game/test is about to begin through on screen visuals and audio cues. The mouse begins the test sequence, as a game appears on the screen.

Scene 4. We effect out of the inner core of the fusion sensor and back to the test lab. The on screen visuals reflect the huge success of the test, revealing once again the amazing engineering behind the Protoss Fusion Sensor.

Cut to endpage, “Science Wins.”

Scene 2. Crash zoom into the inside of the Protoss mouse, as the game/test sequence commences, revealing the first shot of the inner world of the Fusion Sensor, a wide, fantastical city-like environment. It’s dark, but filled with energy and light. We utilize sound design and Logitech cyans, combined with blacks visually, to create a cool and serene palette. We sail through, towards a bright light, in the center of the city.

Scene 3. We dive into the bright light and reveal the inner most world of the Fusion Sensor. It’s core. It’s a majestically imagined, tower with glowing with energy. There are monitors and gauges indicating normal levels if operation. As the gaming level increases in the test, the sensor activates, turns yellow, orange and red, as the core shakes and warning signs activate visually and audibly. A flash/burst of energy from the Fusion Sensor immediately brings everything back under control and back to a calm, cyan glow. IPS sensors would reflect the activity, on screen, throughout this sequence