Western Digital

Data's Journey

A heartwarming seasonal greeting

produced for Western Digital, 

this is a story about “Data” and

his journey to realize his full 

potential to thrive.

2d character dev & animation

Graffects: Produced, Character Dev, Animation, Art Direction

Producer: Dylan Jones

Sound Design: Soundbyte, Inc.

Over 52K views on YouTube

Character Development – Early Looks

Style One

Early passes of the character were geared towards and ethereal, organic almost ghost-like character, truer to the abstract nature of data itself. There was also much more depth of field.

Style Two

In another evolution, we approached the character with even more personification and a familiar style that has a hard outline and some light shading and lot’s of graphic support elements.

Style Three

Another popular animation style we explored was more of a flattened look with no hard outlines and less expressive facial features. The environments were very “Seuss-ian” in their free flowing style.