The Power of X

Pliops XDP 

Rolling out a new website and product, is never

easy. We created three CG pieces highlighting the

features of the new XDP (Extreme Data Processor)

for the launch of their new site.  

Key features, such as performance, reliability, capacity and efficiency as well as easy integration, were a key part of the creative direction. This simple animation, allows the viewer in only :15 to understand what a value added proposition the XDP card truly is. 

Designed to be more of a header type animation, in a 12:5 format as opposed to a 16×9, this inside look at the piece offers potential clients a look at what’s inside the PCIe card. 

As with most product launches, an Explainer is an effective way of explaining, in much more detail, all the nuances, specs, data and all important information, to help the consumer understand your product. We employed a combination of 2d and 3d imagery, some already developed internally, to help get that message across.