G-102 Prodigy & G303 Daedalus


Designed for the performance enthusiasts who

are interested in peak tested performance levels,

these two mice include classic design and accuracy,

with one producing 1,000 reports per second and

the other registering up to 300 IPS and 12,000 DPI resolution.

3d model, look-dev, environment

Graffects: VFX, Model Builds, Motion Design, Composite

Producer: Jasmin Denoga

Music: Soundbyte, Inc.

In this launch piece, the focus was on a big reveal of the product and centered around speed. We generated all the environments, particles with “x-ray” like glimpses into the components of the mouse. 




Rather than accentuate the mouse’s speed visually, this piece was geared towards a reveal of the sophisticated advances inside the mouse, leading to greater performance.


Inspiration & Previz