Restoration Hardware

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Wire removal & paint work, highlighting the beautiful

new gallery at the historic, 5-story, 80,000 sf, meticulously

restored Bethlehem Steel Building,

in San Francisco. 

wire & paint removal - photogrammetry

Wire removal and paint

Using the photogrammetry process, we created a 3d model that was projected back onto the surface of the building, essentially filling in gaps where obstructive elements previously were.  Telephone poles and accompanying wires, stoplights, reflections and people inside the building were also removed, in addition to changing the perspective of the back “wings” of the building, resulting in less exaggerated perspective and truer vertical lines. The two shots above are boom shots and the bottom shot is a lock off, timelapse, with the same process applied.   

Parallaxed imagery

Utilizing high res still imagery, and splitting out foreground, middle ground and background elements, we were able to create the illusion of a camera in 3d space, slowly pushing into a scene. Stock footage was also added, for a true sense of realism.