5G Network Security

Palo Alto Networks

Anticipating the addition of billions of new iOT connections, Palo Alto Networks

has released the first 5G ready firewall, the K2, designed to protect infrastructure

carrying traffic from CIoT to NB-IoT. 10 years after the launch of 4G, security threats

are vastly more exponential.


Graffects: CG/VFX

Client: GB Films/Palo Alto Networks

Producer: Dylan Frazao

Sound Design: Marc Pittman


With a fast-paced production timeline of 2 short weeks in place, we were able to create and entirely CG approach, from devices on the network to the look of the network itself, which was largely based on the look of the company’s 5G logo and branding. 


Early previz of the look of the network included solid shapes and bubble-like abstract shapes that were malleable and able to absorb “hits” from threat actors. In the end, a wireframe, plexus-like network seemed more representative of the look.