Georgia Pacific – Product Models

CG, Model Build

Client – Georgia Pacific

We were tasked with creating a virtual pantry of the most current products, which could then be used in product sales videos by creating stopping points for callouts to further detail features of the product. Exploded views of the product, showing all the pieces and parts were also used for dramatic effect. 
Other uses of the models included integration into photorealistic environments showing a particular product in it’s intended real world setting.

Much of  the modeling was all done by carefully measuring each product, with calipers, then translating each of the many measurements taken into a CAD program. Upon completion of each model, materials and lighting where then added based on the final need.
cmp_gp_models_phase1_v01agp_models_phase1_v01 copy

gp_breakroom_comp_v01 gp_breakroom_comp_v03Washroom Proof Woman