G402 Hyperion Fury

Client – Logitech

2015 Gold & Addy Award Winner – Silicon Valley Addy Awards 

Get a look inside the world’s fastest gaming mouse as it breaks the speed limit with the Fusion Engine test sequence

Producer: Dave Berg
Graffects: Creative, CG Modeling
Concept ArtWe had to illustrate, visually, the capabilities of the Fusion Engine technology in the G402, by creating the fantastical world inside of the G402 Hyperion Fury. The Graffects team created and built the mouse model, stylized cityscape and test lab sequences, taking the viewer on a fun ride, inside.
The typical mouse sensor technology uses an infrared LED that illuminates the surface while a small camera takes thousands of pictures of the surface every second. An onboard processor compares the images and determines which direction and at what speed the mouse is moving, and sends that information to the PC. G402 incorporates a three-pronged approach, taking a gaming sensor and adding a gyroscope and accelerometer to the existing LED/camera combo. Together, the gyroscope and accelerometer are able to track the gamers movement up to a massive 420 IPS.

Rough Scene Layouts