So, what’s up? What have we been working on?

Inter Valley Health Plan

January 2019 – A small non profit company offering a Medicare Advantage Health Plan out of southern California, looking to produce a three minute, 2d motion/live action piece, to live on a landing page. 

Palo Alto Networks

February 2019 – An application framework video accentuating the rapidly developing pace of technology in the form of AR, VR, enhanced broadband experience and automation.  

The Weather Channel

February 2019 – Some animation for a sponsored promo with Frito-Lay, encouraging people to relate a personal story about an invention they made that solved a family problem. 

Western Digital - Twitter - In Stream Ad

March 2019 – Highlighting embedded technology in cars, this :08 piece helps viewers understand that much of the tech in heads-up displays and infotainment systems, is driven by small, but powerful flash drives, made by Western Digital.

Software AG - Partner Video

March 2019 – As a sales tool, we prepared a 2d motion, information driven piece, highlighting the advantages of the broad partner network that S-AG  can offer a potential client.

Kimberly-Clark Professional

June 2019 – A marketing-friendly CG video utilizing technology and product animation to showcase the new features/benefits of the Scott® Pro™ eHRT system.

Go Fund Me

June 2019 – An internal piece for GFM, showcasing all the different and unexpected  growth opportunities the company could offer, in the near future.