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Following up on our 5 wins last year, of a Gold and an Addy, a Silver and two Bronzes for our Logitech pieces, in 2016 we were lucky enough to be involved in the win of a Silver Addy for TechCU’s campaign, “Bank Happily Ever After,” created by Michael Patrick Partners. 

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 3.24.31 PM

One new partner of ours, Dave Levison, (composer, instrumentalist, CalArts alumnus & former Lucas Arts composer/sound designer) who has contributed to Marvel Heroes, Activision, Electronic Arts, Leapfrog, McDonald’s, Microsoft, Pepsi, Zynga, Sony Computer Entertainment, LucasArts has jumped in and collaborated on several projects for our pals at Logitech.
Continuing our strong relationship with HERO Marketing, we completed a couple of exciting projects, including a live action, national DRTV campaign for Kaiser Permanente. Give it a look!
Also in the works, a series of photorealistic, CG, office environment builds for our good friends at Georgia Pacific. The concept of creating modular, lifelike office environments within a CG world, allows for continued use of a prebuilt set that is consistently available for update with the latest products, without the necessity of a practical environment that needs to be built, rented, lit or decorated each time it’s needed. More to come!
We have a strong team of writers, producers, designers and animators providing you great Motion Design, 3D, Live Action, Flash Character Animation, Rich Media, Brand Management and App & Web Development.