A few examples of some synergistic motion examples,

similar to the type of work currently being done for

Micro Focus clients, with a similar scope.

Additionally, our demo reel as well.






Container Platform animation. 2d motion explaining how the industry’s first enterprise-grade Kubernetes-based container platform was designed for both cloud-native applications and monolithic applications with persistent storage. 






Software AG – Web Video

2d motion utilizing stock assets, in order to show the strength and flexibility of Software AG’s products when combined with partners that provided hardware and various ancillary services.





2d motion and animations from various projects.  





Palo Alto Networks – 5G launch spot

CG animation, presented in a 2d fashion, maintaining less of a depth of field,  and more of an infographic feel.




IVHP – DRTV spot

Client-provided elements, modified where needed, to maintain look of collateral print and online branding.  




Kaiser Permanente

Stock photography, combined with simple, easy to understand graphics, as to be easily read and understood to the intended demographic.